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The White Stripes LJ Community

where the candy cane children come to play

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The White Stripes
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This community is dedicated to the White Stripes.

Community created by overstyled
Community maintained by burroughsghost & btrfly9irl

Community Icon's:
Candy Swirl w/ Jack & Meg by venus_ice
Scrolling Jack & Meg and WS Community Jack & Meg by creepcake

Community Layout:

Community Links:

deadweathered - a dead weather fan community

Community Rules:
Anyone is welcome to join, but please kids - play nice...

When posting multiple or large images please use an lj-cut.

NO SPAM! This includes promoting websites, other livejournal communities, or your ebay items. Posting spam will result in your post being deleted. No exceptions.

We reserve the right to ban anyone not following these rules or causing trouble in general.

Have fun!

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